COMPSTAT 2018 Organized Invited Sessions
  • CO018: Survey sampling
    Organizers: Alina Matei
  • CO024: Text mining in economics and finance
    Organizers: Peter Winker
  • CO026: Multivariate analysis and big data
    Organizers: Dominique Guegan
  • CO030: Recent advances in copula-based models
    Organizers: Fabrizio Durante, Roberta Pappada, Elisa Perrone
  • CO032: Computational statistics for applications
    Organizers: Marta Disegna, Fabrizio Durante
  • CO034: Directional statistics
    Organizers: Francesco Lagona
  • CO036: Challenges in computational statistical modeling and risk assessment
    Organizers: Ivette Gomes
  • CO040: Advances in survival and reliability
    Organizers: Juan Eloy Ruiz-Castro
  • CO042: Bayesian statistics
    Organizers: Laura Ventura
  • CO044: BDsports: Sports analytics
    Organizers: Marica Manisera, Paola Zuccolotto
  • CO050: JCS session: Visualization of a high dimensional data matrix
    Organizers: Tadashi Imaizumi
  • CO052: Robust statistics and data science with R
    Organizers: Valentin Todorov
  • CO054: Recent advances in mixture modeling and missing data analysis
    Organizers: Xinyuan Song
  • CO056: IFCS session: Methods for complex and mixed type data
    Organizers: Theodoros Chatzipantelis
  • CO060: Small area estimation: Models and applications
    Organizers: Maria Dolores Ugarte
  • CO062: Large data sets: Methodology and applications
    Organizers: Malgorzata Bogdan
  • CO064: Robust statistics
    Organizers: Anthony Atkinson
  • CO066: Research metrics for institutional performance evaluation
    Organizers: Keisuke Honda, Frederick Kin Hing Phoa
  • CO068: Soft clustering
    Organizers: Maria Brigida Ferraro
  • CO070: Flexible modeling
    Organizers: Monia Ranalli
  • CO072: Data science and classification
    Organizers: Patrick Groenen
  • CO090: Advances in structural equation modeling and PLS path modeling
    Organizers: Laura Trinchera
  • CO098: Optimal experimental design and applications
    Organizers: Ellinor Fackle-Fornius, Frank Miller
  • CO100: Recent advances in biostatistics and biocomputing
    Organizers: Yisheng Li
  • CO105: LARS-IASC session: Recent advances in statistical computing
    Organizers: Paulo Canas Rodrigues
  • CO107: ARS-IASC session: Dependence via covariances and spatial structures
    Organizers: Jaeyong Lee
  • CO109: Advances in industrial statistics
    Organizers: Chun-houh Chen
  • CO111: YS-ISI Session: Statistical computing and data visualization
    Organizers: Han-Ming Wu