Local currency

The Romanian currency is Lei or RON, 1 EUR ~ 4.6 Lei. Hotels, most restaurants and shops accept cards. However there are places where you can pay only cash in Lei, for example: public transportation, taxi, some small shops, coffee shops, etc. You can withdraw Lei from ATMs. There are some nearby the Unirea Hotel. There are also ATMs in the airport, in the arrivals hall of terminals T2 and T3, just after you pass the customs.

Local transportation

Taxi or local transportation tickets can be paid only cash in Lei, the local currency. For local transportation, tickets have to be purchased prior getting into the bus or tram. The only exception is at the Airport station where you can buy a ticket from the bus driver. Otherwise tickets can be purchased from the kiosk (almost all stations have one), or from vendor machines. The bus/tram ticket has to be validated inside the bus/tram. The ticket costs 2 Lei (~ 0.45 EUR) and is valid for two hours (line changes are allowed). The website (in Romanian) of the locat transportation company (CTP) can be found here.

Plugs / power outlets

Romania has German standard plugs/power outlets. The attenddees are responsible to bring their own adaptors, if necessary.

Iasi Official App

This is smartphone application that offers detailed information on most attractive places and events in the Iasi area, as well as on existing local services (local transport, hotels, restaurants, etc.). It is available for Android and IOS and can be downloaded here.